Things To Do at Springs Nottingham Resource Centre

We are closed at the moment due to regulatory guidance associated with care home facilities as the service is within a care home location

We are reviewing options to create opportunities locally but cannot confirm timing or format, please contact us at to express your interest or seek feedback as that will help us.

Things To Do at Springs

Our regular sessions take place on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. As always, advance booking is essential.

Our normal session times are 10.00-11.30 and 11.30-1.00. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Make your own painting, mask, hedgehog, wall hanging, ...
Central College deliver a free Community Art course at Springs Nottingham, so there are always new things to make in the art room.

Things To Make at Springs Nottingham

Things To Make

Cook your own cakes, jam tarts, toast, scones, bread or pizza. Or make a seed ball for the birds.

Cooking at Springs Nottingham

Things To Cook

Grow your own… bulbs in a flowerpot, tree in the field, herbs in the raised beds.

Planting at Springs Nottingham

Things To Grow

Find trees, leaves, birds and insects in the woods. Walk down the bridleway and find the coal Headstocks and a nature reserve.

Woodland Walks at Springs Nottingham

Things To Find

Try swinging in soft play, dancing in the sensory room, shelter building in the woodland, recording your own music or using a touch screen computer.

Music at Springs Nottingham

Things To Try

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